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Five repairs you shouldn’t ask a seller to make

So you’re getting ready to buy a home and you have noticed there are a few things you would really like to have fixed before you move in. The question is, what do you have the right to ask the seller to fix?

As explains, “Electrical, plumbing, roof, HVAC – these are repairs that you can reasonably expect a seller to take care of under most circumstances, as long as the problems are significant enough to impact your use of the house negatively.”

Demanding too many repairs can actually kill a potential deal.

Five unrealistic repair requests:

1. According to, you’re wasting your time to make “purely cosmetic requests.” There is no point in asking a buyer to repaint when you know you would rather pick the colors yourself. Plus, paint is an easy and affordable fix.

2. Anything that would cost less than $100 to fix. warns, “There may be a hundred little things that need to be fixed on a home but both you and the seller only have so much time to close the deal. When you hit a seller with multiple little repair requests, he or she may feel overwhelmed.”

3. advises, “It’s unreasonable to expect sellers to cure code items in older homes, when those items were not required at the time the home was built.”

4. points out you also don’t need to request a fix on a “nonworking light switch or faulty electrical socket that pops up in an inspection. It may seem like a fix you should request — but if it’s truly a minor issue and not a sign of larger problems, skip it.”

5. “A loose doorknob, light fixture or railing on a deck or stairwell may be annoying, or even potentially unsafe, but these problems are also often fixable with basic hand tools and a little effort,” explains In the interest of moving forward with your deal, it’s probably best to avoid repair requests on these items.

A good buyer’s agent can help you navigate the ins and outs of repair requests as well as helping you get the best deal possible.

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