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Just Say ‘No’ to These Design Trends

Granite countertops, farm sinks and stainless steel appliance seem to have universal appeal. But not all design choices are created equally.

Here is a list of trends you may want to pass on if you hope to sell your house someday.

Mixed metals create visual confusion

According to, “combining bronze and copper in the kitchen might give the room an ‘eclectic’ look, but in a few years, chances are good it will just look confused.”

You’re actually better off sticking to one type of metal and embracing your creativity with the drawer pulls or door handles. These are easily changed to something simple when you get ready to sell.

Jetted tubs mean higher costs

Not only do they cost a lot more than a shower, they use a lot more water and increase your water charges.

 “A sitting area or regular soaking bathtub can create a similarly relaxing environment and save you money in the long run,” says. “Or consider replacing it with a shower with more space, a seat, shelves for bath products and a rainwater showerhead.”

Converted garage can be a turn-off

Most of us love a family room. But here in the Midwest, we also love our garages. If you consider converting you garage into a family room, you may want to reconsider.

“The trade-off might be a turn-off, especially to people who live in dense urban areas, where parking is at a premium,” says. “Even in the suburbs, most people want a covered, secure place to park their cars. And a garage often doubles as a storage location.”

Undesirable wallpaper hard to remove

First of all, it’s difficult to remove, and not all wallpaper appeals to all people.

“Wallpaper is time-consuming to remove if it doesn’t appeal to the buyer. Consider replacing wallpaper with a neutral paint for broader appeal,” advises.

Too many colors can cost the sale

Are you color crazy? That’s okay for you, but when you’re ready to sell, you may want to tone it down.

“Multiple-colored living spaces, dated colors (think mauve and hunter green), and metallics are problematic for sellers,” a article says.

The best colors to go with are unsurprising neutrals like grey and beige.

Cassidee Reeve, a top producing agent at NP Dodge, is also a certified stager who can help you put your best house forward. Set up your walkthrough with Cassidee today, 402.706.2901.

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